The $JIMBO mechanism is designed to thrive in the long run and partially ensure its value relative to ETH while benefiting long-term holders. Liquidity is always available without incentives or inflation, and downside risk is known at all times.


The initially total supply of $JIMBO is 69,420,000 tokens, and it is released through a Trader's JOE pool. 50% of the tokens (34,710,000) are distributed over 50 bins in 1% increments, while the remaining 50% of tokens are in the 51st bin for future liquidity redistribution upon rebalance events.

When users get $JIMBO tokens from the pool, all of the ETH remains locked in the pool as liquidity. 100% of the ETH will be deployed as liquidity, with 90% to support the JIMBO floor price and 10% to support the JIMBO trading price.

To ensure upwards floor price movement, a 4.5% tax is applied on all buys and sells of JIMBO.

  • Buy Tax (4.5%): 4% of the JIMBO tokens are burned (floor appreciates) and .5% are sent the to JRS (Jimmy Revenue Service)

  • Sell Tax (4.5%): 1% of the JIMBO tokens are burned, 3% are sent to stakers, and .5% are sent to the JRS.

This way, buys drive the floor price up more, while stakers are rewarded more for holding when selling occurs.

Additionally, JIMBO V2 ships with lending against staked JIMBO tokens (uJIMBO). Borrows against staked JIMBO incur an upfront 5% fee paid in ETH.

  • Lending Fee (5%): 4% goes to floor bin liquidity while 1% is sent to the JRS.