Issues with JIMBO V1

The initial version of JIMBO, however, was not without its own problems. I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that these mechanisms are experimental, the contracts are unaudited, and that any amount of money you put into this protocol can be lost due to unforseen circumstances at any time. Please be responsibile when you play JIMBO V2, and that you must always check the regulatory restrictions of your local jurisdiction before purchasing any tokens or interacting with the protocol.

The first version of JIMBO was deployed around Tuesday, May 16th. While the launch was initially quite successful, an issue with the smart contracts stopped the protocol from functioning as expected. As a result, I made an announcement in both the Discord[link] and on Twitter[link] to stop all interactions with the token and protocol while I prepare for a relaunch.

The V1 contracts are irreparably broken, so please do not buy the token or stake it. If you are interested in JIMBO, please wait until V2 is launched and ready before you do anything retarded.

Unstaking & Redemption

Due to a timelock, original JIMBO stakers at launch were unable to withdraw their staked tokens from the contract for 24 hours from the time they entered their staking position. This timelock should now be over for the initial stakers and it is now possible to withdraw your funds if you still have not. I recommend doing so as soon as possible to ensure your tokens are safe.

When selling on Trader Joe UI, some people have reported their swap button is disabled and they are not able to sell. As far as I'm aware, selling is not disabled and there have been many people who've sold their tokens successfully. If you experiencing issues, please make sure to adjust your slippage accordingly.

Please be aware that TraderJoe UI has two slippage inputs: one for V1 and one for V2. Adjust the bottom slippage indicator when selling Jimbo as it is a V2 pool. Adjusting the slippage higher should not be too dangerous, as the worst price you should get is the price at the floor bin (~ 0.00007 ETH) net taxes, so try that. If you have questions or require support please visit the Discord I will try to help you to the best of my ability.

For the relaunch (JIMBO V2), I have fixed these issues and added a few new mechanisms, so read on in the JIMBO V2 Protocol[link] section to learn about how the new protocol will work!